1. To provide a language-rich environment for students to learn English

2. To equip students with the four language skills (reading, writing,
listening and speaking)

3. To develop an English-reading atmosphere in the school

4. To encourage students to use English as a medium of communication confidently

5. To improve students’ reading and writing abilities

6. To facilitate self-directed learning to enhance language learning

7. To promote the effectiveness of learning and teaching



1. In response to the major concerns of the school

1.1 To improve learning and teaching effectiveness through deepening self-directed learning
1.2 To use e-tools to facilitate learning, teaching and assessment
1.3 To create a positive atmosphere and demonstrate one’s Catholic values in order to nurture wholesome Precious Blood students


2. In response to the subject development

2.1 To strengthen students’ writing abilities and their grammar proficiency and sentence structures through learning the grammar rules
2.2 To improve students’ writing abilities by introducing the proofreading and self-editing skills in process writing
2.3 To polish students’ reading proficiencies by teaching reading strategies, phonics and HFWs
2.4 To create an English learning atmosphere on campus
2.5 To strengthen students’ vocabulary power
2.6 To enhance students’ listening and speaking skills
2.7 To cultivate students’ creativity and genic skills through drama, in-class learning tasks and other activities
2.8 To provide workshops for teachers to inspire them with good teaching methods and strategies


Programmes / Activities:

Our school provides a variety of activities and programmes for students to participate throughout the school year.

  • English Ambassador Team
  • Classroom Book Box (Extensive Reading Scheme)
  • Spelling Olympics
  • Drama Competition (Class Performance)
  • Life-wide Learning Days English activities
  • Show and Tell
  • English Room Lunch Activities (Crafting / Phonics activities / Board Games / iPad learning)
  • Solo Verse Speaking Competition and Choral Speaking Competition (Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival)
  • P.5 and P.6 Interview Course


Native-speaking English Teacher (NET):

Connie Li


Subject Teachers:

Chan Mei Yiu

Chan Sze Wan

Cheung Ka Lai

Fung Sze Man

Hui Ka Wai

Lam Suet Fan

Leung Mi Shan

Leung Wing Tung

Li Mei Yung

Mark Ka Man

Ng Chun Fung

Tang Oi Tsz


English Programmes and Activities

Our advisory teacher, Mr Roland Smith, is reading a story to our P3 students. P1 students make their own paper plate masks after reading the big book.
Students are making a bunny puppet for Easter.  Students are making a sandwich by reading a recipe.
Students learn to appreciate each other through the Song Dedication Activity.
English ambassadors are choosing who to answer the question.   It’s the question and answer time after the presentation!
Let our P5 students teach you about the inventor of video games.  P5 students are sharing their findings on inventions with P3 and P4 students.
Students are making craft in the English Room during lunch recess.  Students enjoy playing games in the English Room with their friends during lunch recess.

Reading aloud together is always fun.

Students are writing about their best friends.

We are writing a new version for Jack and the Beanstalk.

We are brainstorming ideas together and gaining support from each other.

We like group writing.

Students are borrowing books from the English Room Library.

Students enjoy doing craft work in the English Room during lunch recess.

The winners of the writing competition are accepting their awards.

Miss Connie is helping students rehearse for their class drama.

Students are rehearsing for the class drama during Life-wide Learning Week.

Our English Choral Speaking Team

Alice with the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White in the drama, Alice in Fairyland.

The Seven Dwarfs and Snow White in the English drama, Alice in Fairyland.

Our actors and actresses are singing the final song for Alice in Fairyland.

The Books and Beyond Reading Club

Volunteers are doing shared reading with our students.

Learning English can be fun and easy.


The exciting games are awesome.

Buddy reading session is arranged by St. Clare’s Girls’ School.

The story is original and creative.

Our students are eager to listen to the amazing stories.

Finding ways to save our Earth Little chefs are discussing about the ingredients for their dumplings
Let’s see which group can make the yummiest dumplings Looking forward to having a wonderful meal!
Our little chefs are very skilful! Our dumplings are special and healthy!
P5 students are actively responding to their reading buddies Students made paper plate masks after reading the book
Miss Zoie is teaching VIP students the sounds of the vowels Students are attending a workshop about the Filmit competition
Students are drawing the monster while listening to a story Students are having fun during the Spelling Olympics
Students are playing a phonics board game in the NET lesson The heartfelt thanks from our P.2 students
Whole-school Musical: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp


We met Aladdin and the Princess.


Our teachers became the dancing king and queen.


Chatting and smiling, full of enjoyment.


English Drama Competition  








Students are trying to find the treasure by using their iPads.

Students are using Quizlet to do reading comprehension exercises.

Let’s find out which food item is the most popular.

The dish for the witch is really wierd.

Students are using Nearpod to do revision.

Hurray! We can find the way by following the directions.

 Let’s play Kahoot! to review prepositions!

Students are learning how to study vocabulary using iPads.

 Students are playing an exciting game, Quizlet Live, in class.

P1 students are guessing the toy riddles using Quizlet Live


PEEGS 2020-2021

Our school has joined the Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools (PEEGS) launched by the Education Bureau this school year. The scheme has allowed our school to develop school-based English enhancement measures to further promote effective English language learning for our Primary Four and Five students. Our focus is on “promoting reading across the curriculum”. We have developed four reading packages, which align with the core curriculum, for each target level. The thematic reading packages not only expose students to authentic multimodal texts and current issues, but also provide students with opportunities to dig deeper into a topic. The topics include: Electronic Products Then and Now, Amazing World, Loving Hong Kong, Healthy Eating, Travel Fun, Fabulous People, Brilliant Inventions and Fighting Scams. Under each topic, the students can develop their general knowledge and know more about the world. They can also expand their vocabulary power and strengthen their language skills. Last but not least, students can benefit from using various e-tools during the learning process. For example, our Primary Four students have written about their local trips using Story Creator whereas Primary Five students have shared their smart inventions on Padlet.

A student has invented the Doggie Toilet Warning for his pet

A student writing about places he wants to visit in Hong Kong

Class 5A posing with their amazing inventions

Hey! Look at the healthy lunchboxes of our Primary Four students

Posters about fighting scams created by our Primary Five students

Primary Four students writing about a day trip using Story Creator

This pair of gloves is useful for dish washing

This grabber can help you get the things without leaving the bed or sofa

These two little inventors are happy with their fish catcher and iPhone projector